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A Celebratory Drink

Since we launched our seven home fragrances in November, the most popular has been the candy and floral - Violet Fondant.

Violet Fondant Room Spray

We love celebrating little wins here at Gingham Florals (any excuse for a slice of cake with a cup of tea!)

Being our most popular fragrance since launching, we are truly excited to think that the scent of our luxury parma violet, candied citrus and vanilla fondant room spray is filling the rooms of homes across the UK!

To celebrate a company milestone with the fragrance, we aimed to raise a toast this afternoon and for our choice of tipple? Sweetshop Gin.

Being a small independent company ourselves, we chose not to head over to B&M Bargains, to fight over the limited stock of parma violet gin that causes such a social media storm every time a new delivery arrives (did you know that back in 2018/2019 Parma Violet Gin deliveries to B&M had its own Twitter feed?)

Instead we sought out a product that was crafted and unique, a product that would be as special as the moment we were celebrating. That's when we came across Pant Y Foel Welsh Gin.

Gingham Florals celebrate with gin

Describing themselves; “Pant Y Foel” translates to “Dip in The Mountains” where the gins and spiced rum are produced and where the brown hares play fight in the open fields of the Hiraethog Valley. The Hiraethog Region is a stunning and unspoilt landscape of rolling heather moor, green forests and quiet lakes in the heart of North Wales.

Sweetshop Gin consists of flavours of Parma Violets, Bubblegum,

Candyfloss & Marshmallow. The parma violet taste comes through first then the sweet finishing taste of vanilla, candyfloss, marshmallow and bubblegum, leaving a sweet taste.

The recommended serving suggestion is with tonic water or rose lemonade and garnished with your favourite sweets, which I would love to say is exactly how we served it... however, we only had our mugs to hand at the studio and a bottle of cold tonic water but... oh my goodness - ignoring the uncouth vessel choice - the drink was sweet at first, but then with the recognisable dry gin finish, the taste was amazing!

Peter Thomas Best Florist

Accompanied by a few spritz of our room fragrance Violet Fondant around the office and the experience for the whole team was just bliss.

We love hearing from our customers, so we couldn't resist creating a little blog post to let know what we thought about their gin and of course to share with you all this gorgeous new discovery!!!

Thank you to all of our customers giving us a real treat to celebrate!

Peter xxx


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