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Interior Led Fragrance

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Today we want to talk about interior design, put simply interior design is the enhancing of an interior within a building. Whether it be an office, a shop or our home, the principle remains the same, the purpose of interior design is to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Best room fragrances

Focusing on our homes, each room serves a purpose and in terms of its design, should indulge as many of our senses as possible: vision, hearing, touch and smell.

Considering each sense in the design of our homes whether starting from scratch or adding to our space, can allow our living spaces to reach their full design potential.

Interior design is within everyones abilities especially when designing the visuals for a room, its delivery is subjective and personal, for example we see a painting we like, add it to the room and its presence fulfils the objective of enhancing the space, same goes for touch, with many of us adding layers of fabrics through throws and cushions to our seating.

We can ponder for an age choosing furniture but how much attention do we give to the scent in our space?

Smell, being the most powerful link to emotions and feelings, is often overlooked but is increasingly becoming an integral part of interior designs.

If you think about it, a scented room has the power to create a certain ambiance and mood; meaning that selecting a scent that best matches your space is just as important as hand picking furniture or art.

Gingham Florals has a collection of seven home fragrances that suit the interior design brief with layering technology and accords that categorise to interior design led portfolios.

When considering interior portfolios see your room in one or a combination of the following styles

  1. Contemporary

  2. Minimalist

  3. Industrial

  4. Mid-Century Modern

  5. Scandinavian

  6. Traditional

  7. Transitional

  8. French country

  9. bohemian

  10. Rustic

  11. Shabby Chic

  12. Hollywood glam

  13. Coastal/Hamptons

  14. Modern

When you have chosen the styles which match your room you can begin to consider which fragrance is best suited to your space.

Interior Design Fragrance

Consider the above picture, its design portfolio would fit into the following categories; Contemporary, Industrial, Hollywood Glam, Modern and Transitional

Home Fragrance Match - HOTEL

It has a formality which was born from the study of several world famous hotels and the scents of their lobbies, (our founder quite literally profiled the lobby of each hotel to create the fragrance) this fragrance makes a modern and bold statement fitting the brief of several interior led styles including Contemporary, Industrial, Hollywood Glam, Modern and Transitional

best room fragrances