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Our Name & Beginnings

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Nanna always has flowers in the house and to this day a small jam jar sits upon the window sill on top of a blue gingham doily, in it you will find anything from a bunch of mint to a couple of carnations cut from the neighbours garden. A visit to Nanna's always involves a trip into our own gardens beforehand to see what we can pick to take to her.

Nanna dislikes large bouquets, the cutting, finding a vase, choosing where to display them amongst all of her 'nik naks', changing the water and disposing of them, so it's always been small bunches and never bouquets!

Last year just before Halloween we took her a small bunch of Mariska complete with a scarecrow on a pick, it looked stunning in the jam jar and as the autumn sun reflected as it caught the glass and water it was our Nanna who said 'you should make more of those for people, nobody sells small bouquets like you bring over'.

That afternoon we curiously pondered the idea and playfully discussed names for a company that creates flower posies, from the sublime to the ridiculous names flew back and forth until Nanna exclaimed 'The Gingham!' baffled by the exclamation we all turned to Nanna, the jam jar had been put back on the window sill without the gingham doily that for years the jar had sat upon...

And that is how Gingham Florals came to be, thanks to Nanna.

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