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BLOG POST: Pumpkin Butter Pot Pourri

Discover Our Pumpkin Butter Pot Pourri a fragrance that is warm and buttery that smells just like a pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven.

Fall in love with this beautiful handcrafted pot pourri. Display in an open bowl for the full aromas to circulate the room whilst providing a visually stunning focal point bringing the beautifully fragranced botanicals and spices into your home.

Each batch of our hand crafted Pot Pourri is lovingly created in our Cardiff Bay studio.

We use a unique and exclusive drying and curing process to create our handcrafted Pot Pourri. Packed with natural materials with scents that evoke and suit interior led living, each mixture is batch made, blended and matured for up to six weeks then packaged and sealed ready to be shipped to your home.


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