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BLOG POST: The Perfect Flower Posy

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The secret to decorating your home with flowers is to consider these 3 principles;

  1. HERO – This is the biggest and most beautiful stem of the bunch. Look in your Gingham box to find your favourite flower stem in the bouquet. This flower will be the centre piece when arranging the posy, build your creation around this hero flower.

  1. SECONDARY – the other stems playing second fiddle to the hero stems. Build your secondary stems around your hero flower

  1. FOLIAGE – Adding foliage to your flowers creates whimsy and can add character to your posy, for cottage charm add some mint or rosemary and perhaps a little wild touch with daisies and the odd fern or even a piece of rhubarb.

Share your flower posy ideas and creations with us in the comments below.