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We have a follower!

It's been an exciting week at not only did we launch our Pumpkin Spice Flower Posy but we got a follower on Instagram!

We know what you're thinking... 1 follower is hardly cause for celebration?

Well if you knew how much we've struggled with Instagram you'd get it!

What did we all do before social media?

Well in our case we took time to 'smell the roses'!!!

We'll be honest, we still have no idea how Instagram works and if we're hash tagging and sharing properly and why do we keep seeing selfies from 'celebrities' on our screen sitting by poolsides or posing with avocado on toast at breakfast!?

Being more familiar with facebook our page is growing a following and it has been lovely commenting on posts with our followers and sharing tips along the way.

But the highlight of the week came when we received an email from a customer who purchased her mum the Occasions Flower Posy

Tuesday evening we were processing the orders for Wednesday morning when an email came through to our account

Subject Line: Mum's Flowers

'Mum has arthritis and big bouquets are a struggle, had to write to tell you the posy was perfect, she managed to cut the flowers to fit her glass and found the whole experience wonderful. The flowers look lovely in her flat, will definitely be buying again and will be treating her to the jar and coaster you offer'

As you can imagine there were tears in the Gingham studio that evening but in that moment of reading those words, we knew that despite our lack of social media savvy and with only one follower on Instagram, launching our company during a Global Pandemic was the right thing to do and we could not have been prouder that our posy flower bouquets are bringing a little joy to peoples lives. It moved us that someone felt compelled to share this with us so we gifted the customer with a Grecian Flower Jar and Ceramic Coaster for sharing.

Manageable Small Flower Bouquet

Stop the press!!! The wonderful news doesn't stop there!...

This morning we looked at our Instagram account and we now have 16 followers!!!

From little acorns...

Gingham Florals xxx

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