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What does Christmas 2021 smell like?

I began the process of creating a fragrance for Christmas 2021 all the way back in April.

Considering the zeitgeist of fragrance portfolios felt redundant as everything was an unknown (and in some ways still is).

Winter 2020 was all about dark, rich fragrances that made people feel nested and cocooned in their safe places and this trend continued into the Spring. I decided to throw away the rule book and explore what I wanted this Christmas to smell like.

In a previous post (linked here) I gave a sneak peak at the development of this fragrance. I talked about how I created this fragrance inspired by my good friend Kay Rawlinson's experience of Christmas in the sixties, all of the senses combined in that story to create a seasonal fragrance that leads us to here!

Nostalgia is comforting, reassuring and this fragrance offers those feelings but it also pushes the notes of being celebratory and festive! I wanted joy, delight, energy and above all hope!

After a difficult Christmas last year where one minute it was all going ahead and then a few days before it transpired we were destined for a day of unwrapping presents and eating turkey dinner around the laptop and on a constant stream of zoom calls,

this years fragrance had to be about positivity, hope, celebration and living in the moment, enjoying everything the season has to offer with vigour and happiness.

Christmas Memories is just that with enough nostalgia to provide comfort this is a pot pourri that not only smells gorgeous but looks truly festive!

Festivities commence as warming clove and cinnamon gently simmer with ginger and berry fruits in this Christmas inspired pot pourri with just a touch of Christmas brandy. The scent throw of Christmas Memories is a slow fragrance that layers into a growing excitement as it captures the spirit of Christmas!

I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed making it. Made in small batches it really is the case of when it's gone it's...well gone!

Peter x


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