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"WOW! Absolutely Gorgeous Luxury Pot Pourri! As soon as I opened the bag my room was filled with a beautiful fresh fragrance. It really did remind me of early morning woodland walks. The bag was packed with beautifully scented dried leaves, pine cones, acorns, dried sprigs, cob nuts and more, just like you'd find on the woodland floor when out walking. The scent does not overpower the room, it's refreshing yet subtle and calming. The Pot Pourri was expertly packed and delivered within two days. Highly Recommended! Delightful Item! Top Class Service! Will Definitely Buy Again! Thank You So Much."


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Owner & Designer

Hello I'm Peter owner and designer at Gingham Florals.

For me, fragrance and decor are essential elements of home design.

Combining the two led me on a journey that culminated in the creation of Gingham Florals.


At Gingham Florals we supply hand crafted & batch made Potpourri, luxury home fragrances and fragrance oils.

Each batch of my hand crafted Potpourri is lovingly created in our studio in Wales.

We use a unique and exclusive drying and curing process which helps to create a stunning end result that is packed full of natural materials with scents that evoke emotions and create a visually stunning focal point for any interior.

Treat a loved one or simply add a touch of beauty and fragrance to your home today.

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